September 6, 2019

 “The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me …” Psalm 138:8

Although I am still at MSKCC, I had to share the news! My doctor entered the room saying “beautiful scan”! No active cancers! NOTHING lit up! I will continue taking chemo to keep the cancer we knew about under control (That is a life-long thing.), but NOTHING ACTIVE is kind of a big deal! The doctor kept telling me that it means that my purpose is not completed and there is more I am meant to do! It is so exciting to think that I might continue to serve Him here a bit longer, as He directs. It is also really great to be feeling well! My prayer this morning was verbal affirmation that I want to be used to glorify Him in whatever way He chooses.

Thank you for those powerful prayers and your love!🎶💕🎶