Course Preparation

“What I am doing you do not understand now,

but afterward you will understand.”

John 13:7

The last day of school was Friday, June 13, and I left for New Cumberland, Pennsylvania the following Sunday afternoon. Having taken a couple of courses at the ABWE Headquarters in the past, I had been invited back to take the Roots of Faith Old Testament course free of charge. What a wonderful week of learning and fellowship! Spending time with so many missionaries while earning 6 CEU’s of Bible credit is always a blessing.

On the following Wednesday I left for Calais, Maine, to spend time with my sister, Joan, and her family. It was another great time of fellowship and making wonderful memories together. I returned to New York the following week and continued my work at home, reorganizing my files and continuing the clean-out of my possessions and those of my parents. God supplied a friend with a truck and we made many trips to the dump and to recycling!

On July 31 I left for Brunswick, Maine, to join my sister and her husband, my niece who is stationed with the Coast Guard in Virginia, my great nephew, and my nephew, his wife, and daughter who live in Japan. We took little Gracie to Fairy Friday at the Maine Botanical Gardens before moving to the mountains of New Hampshire for a few days.

When I left them to return to New York I traveled across Vermont to West Danville where my family had spent an entire summer so many years ago. I fulfilled a long-held desire to see the “Snowflake” Bentley exhibit in Jericho before heading to Word of Life in Schroon Lake, NY. I had decided that I could not rationalize spending the cost of two nights, but God in an unbelievable way gifted me with a second night of lodging for free. The speakers were wonderful and I had an incredible day at Fort Ticonderoga, which I had not visited in over fifty years!

Returning home I continued my many projects, but throughout the summer I had the most incredible sense that some change was coming. I told people closest to me that I didn’t know if it was a change in ministry, a change in location, or a change in my health. Several commented that they really hoped that it was not that last thing, but I found myself saying that I wanted what would best glorify God. I was eager for ministry opportunities and started surfing the ABWE Website for anticipated needs. (Many of you will remember that many years ago I had gone with ABWE to Chile for a year.) I really missed my involvement with the cancer support group and the senior ladies service group and planning ladies events. The experience was similar to the last time I was diagnosed with cancer. I just knew that a major change was coming and needed to be fully surrendered with my priorities and perspective in alignment with God’s Word. I experienced a genuine sense of anticipation, but without any dread. It was sobering and somehow important.

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